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Workers in forged product factory

December 27,2023

As a forging worker, it often requires both physical work and skills, and only skilled operators can make perfect forging products.

So today let's take a look at how they make these products for export.

1. Material preparation.

They need to check the properties of the metal material, the element content. In addition, they need to cut the raw materials into sizes suitable for production.

2. Mold design.

Forging workers need to design a mold according to product drawings or requirements, considering the material, shrinkage and strength of the product.

3. Forging process.

By controlling the forging machine equipment such as forging hammer, press, forging hammer hand, etc., the high temperature raw materials are shaped and processed.

4. Product inspection.

Workers need to strictly inspect the product, check the shape, size, element content of the product, etc., to ensure that the product shipped out is in line with the quality requirements. Products that do not meet the requirements will be selected and rebuilt to make them meet the requirements.

5. Machine maintenance and improvement.

In addition to the daily production work, the forging worker also needs to check and repair the production equipment regularly to ensure that the production schedule is not delayed.

All in all, forging work is an indispensable part of product production, with their labor and wisdom, improve production efficiency, but also promote the development of the industrial field.

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