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What are the surface treatments for forged rings?

January 16,2024

The forged ring surface treatment usually includes heat treatment and surface coating.

Heat treatment can enhance the mechanical properties of the material, making it have better strength and durability. The surface coating can improve the corrosior, resistance, wear resistance and appearance. These processing methods can make the forged ring have better quality and performance.

Heat treatment of forged ring is a kind of processing technology in which the structure and properties of forged ring are changed by heat energy. Through the steps of heating, holding and cooling the structure of the forged ring is adjusted to improve the strength, hardness and toughness. The common heat treatment methods include normalizing, quenching, tempering, etc.

Selecting the appropriate heat treatment process can make the forged ring achieve the ideal performance requirements.The forged ring surface coating is usually used to improve its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Common coatings include zinc plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, hot dip aluminum plating and so on. These coatings can improve the surface properties of forged rings and prolong their service life to a certain extent. The selection of the appropriate coating method and material is determined according to the specific working environment and requirements.

Forged ring surface treatment

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