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What's the application of 40CrNiMo?

March 15,2024

40CrNiMo (also known as AISI 4340) is a high-strength alloy steel with excellent mechanical properties and heat treatment properties.

Due to its outstanding properties,40CrNiMo (AISI 4340) has a wide range of applications in many fields, including but not limited to:

1. Aerospace industry: used to manufacture aircraft engine parts, landing gear parts, transmission system parts, etc.

2. Automotive industry: Used to manufacture automotive transmission system parts, engine parts, steering system parts, etc.

3.Oil and gas extraction: used to manufacture oil drilling RIGS, drills, wellhead equipment, etc.

4. Machinery manufacturing industry: used to manufacture high-strength, high-wear mechanical parts, such as bearings, gears, crankshafts, etc.

5. Military industry: used to manufacture military vehicles, weapon systems, armored vehicles, etc.

6. Marine manufacturing industry: used to manufacture Marine transmission systems, Marine engine parts, etc.

In general, 40CrNiMo (AISI 4340) is widely used in the manufacturing of parts requiring high strength and load due to its high strength, high toughness and excellent heat treatment properties.

Jetvision offer 40CrNiMo large forgings, such forging ring, shaft forging, forged disc, forging block, forged flange, forged bar, etc.

40CrNiMo forging ring applications

40CrNiMo ring forging applications