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What's the advantage of 30CrMo?

March 20,2024

30CrMo is a common alloyed structural steel, also known as AISI 4130. It has high strength and hardness and is suitable for the manufacture of parts with high strength and high wear resistance.

Here are some of the features of 30CrMo (AISI 4130) :

1. High strength: 30CrMo steel has high yield strength and tensile strength, making it suitable for parts manufacturing requiring high strength.

2. Good toughness: 30CrMo steel can obtain good toughness and impact toughness after proper heat treatment, which is suitable for parts that bear impact loads.

3.Good wear resistance: Because 30CrMo steel contains alloying elements, it has good wear resistance and is suitable for manufacturing wear-resistant parts.

4. Easy to process: 30CrMo steel has good processing properties, suitable for forging, heat treatment, machining and other processes.

5. Corrosion resistance: 30CrMo steel has corrosion resistance to a certain extent, but it is still necessary to pay attention to anti-corrosion measures in humid, acidic or alkaline environments.

In general, 30CrMo (AISI 4130) is a multi-purpose alloy structural steel suitable for the manufacture of parts requiring high strength, toughness and wear resistance, such as aircraft parts, automotive parts, mechanical parts, etc. So if you have any other question about 30CrMo, please feel free to ask us.

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