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Product warehouse

February 22,2024

As the leading manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in FORGED products, Hunan Jetvision keeps a large number of conventional size forging ring, shaft, cylinder, disc, flange all year round. We provide all alloy and stainless steel products for you.

We have two 5000 Square meter indoor warehouse which can prevent 10,000 tons of pipe from getting rusty.

For the quality of the products, we will first store the finished products in the warehouse, and then take them out when shipping.

So do you know what the general requirements of the forging factory warehouse?

They usually require the following:

1.Reasonable layout: The warehouse should be reasonably designed to facilitate the storage and access of goods and avoid cross interference.

2.Safety facilities: The warehouse should be equipped with fire prevention and anti-theft facilities to ensure the safety of goods and employees.

3.Reasonable temperature and humidity environment: some forging raw materials have high temperature and humidity requirements, and the warehouse should provide suitable environmental conditions.

4.Item archiving: For different types of forgings, there should be a clear archiving management method to ensure the tracking and management of goods.

In short, excellent warehouse storage conditions are also one of the proofs of our leading forgings factory, and you are always welcome to visit our factory.

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