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Have you ever heard ASTM 5140 standard?

December 21,2023

ASTM 5140 is a standard specification for hot-rolled and forged alloy steel bars.

It covers the chemical composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and other requirements for 5140 steel. 40Cr is the Chinese standard designation for this type of steel, and it is equivalent to ASTM 5140.

Forged steel blocks made from 40Cr or ASTM 5140 are commonly used in machinery, automotive, and oil and gas industries due to their high strength, good hardenability, and excellent wear resistance.

For your reference, we can do this kind of forged steel block with length max 6000MM, width max 1800MM, thickness max 1000MM, weight max 30000KG. Besides, you can choose materials, such as, Monel 400, Inconel 718 and Hastelloy B. Your own design and customization can be realized through us.

If you have specific questions about the properties, applications, or manufacturing process of ASTM 5140 or 40Cr forging blocks, please feel free to ask for more information.

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