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Do you know how to install the slip on flange?

February 27,2024

It generally includes the following steps:

Preparations: Confirm that the required slip on accessory and flange specifications match, clean the mounting surface of the slip on accessory and flange, and ensure that there is no debris and impurities.

Installation lubrication: evenly apply lubricant on the slip on accessory for smoother installation.

Install slip on accessory: Place the prepared sliding sleeve on the flange, and ensure the position is accurate, and then fix the slip on the flange with bolts.

Bolt tightening: According to the specified torque requirements, gradually tighten the bolts to ensure that the slip on is firmly connected to the flange.

Check the installation: After confirming the installation of the slip on, check to ensure that the installation is firm and there is no loosening.

Add lubricating oil: After installation, add the appropriate amount of lubricating oil as needed to ensure the normal operation of the slip on.

In particular, it should be noted that the above steps are for reference only, the specific installation method may vary due to the design and requirements of different products, it is recommended to read the installation manual carefully before installation or consult the relevant professional to ensure correct installation.

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