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What’s the Application Areas of Forging?

Time : 2023-07-12

Forgings are metal parts processed by forging process, which have high strength, high wear resistance and excellent mechanical properties. Due to these properties, forgings are widely used in various industries.

The advantages of forgings are stretchable length and shrinkable cross section; the types of forgings are: free forging/hand forging, hot die forging/precision forging, upset forging, roll forging and die forging.

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The following are some common forging application areas:

Automobile industry: Forgings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, including engine parts such as crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts and gears; chassis parts such as suspension arms, transmission shafts and steering rods; and gearbox parts, etc. Forging can provide high strength and durability to meet the high performance and reliability needs of automobiles.

Aerospace industry: The aerospace field has strict requirements on the strength, light weight and high temperature resistance of components. Forgings are widely used in aero-engine blades, turbine disks, combustion chamber components, etc. In addition, forgings are also used to manufacture structural and connecting parts of aerospace vehicles. Turbine discs, rear journals, blades, wing spars of aircraft engines, ribbed plates of fuselage, wheel brackets, inner and outer cylinders of landing gear, etc. are all important forgings related to aircraft safety. Aircraft forgings are mostly made of high-strength wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and other precious materials.

Petroleum and chemical industry: Petroleum and chemical equipment requires parts that are resistant to corrosion and high pressure. Forgings play an important role in the manufacture of critical equipment such as pipes, valves, flanges, connections and pressure vessels. Forgings are widely used in petrochemical equipment. Such as manholes and flanges of spherical storage tanks, various tube sheets required for heat exchangers, butt welding flanges, whole forged cylinders (pressure vessels) of catalytic cracking reactors, cylinder joints used in hydrogenation reactors, fertilizers The top cover, bottom cover and head required by the equipment are all forgings.

Electric power industry: forgings are used to manufacture key components of power generation equipment and transmission equipment. For example, forgings can be used to manufacture rotors, guide vanes and shafts of turbine generators, etc. Nuclear power is divided into pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors. The main large forgings of nuclear power plants can be divided into two categories: pressure shells and reactor internals. The pressure shell includes: cylinder flange, nozzle section, nozzle, upper cylinder, lower cylinder, cylinder transition section, bolts, etc.

Railway transportation: Forgings are used in the railway industry to manufacture components such as axles, coupling rods, wheels and wear-resistant rail spikes. These components need to withstand the stress of high pressure, high speed and heavy load conditions.

Construction and Infrastructure: Forgings are used in critical connections and supports for building structures, bridges, tunnels and large machinery. These forgings require high strength and shock resistance. Diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, which is often used as an engine. Taking a large diesel engine as an example, the forgings used include cylinder head, main journal, crankshaft end flange output end shaft, connecting rod, piston rod, piston head, crosshead pin, crankshaft transmission gear, ring gear, intermediate gear and oil pump There are more than ten kinds of body and so on.

Military industry: Forgings are used in the military industry to manufacture key components of weapon systems, fighter planes, tanks and warships. Forgings provide high strength and durability to meet the rigorous demands of military applications. Forgings occupy an extremely important position in the weapon industry. Gun barrels, muzzle brakes and gun tails in artillery, rifled barrels and triangular bayonets in infantry weapons, rocket and submarine depth charge launchers and fixing seats, stainless steel valve bodies for nuclear submarine high-pressure coolers, shells, Bullets, etc., are all forged products.

Marine forgings: Marine forgings are divided into three categories, main engine forgings, shafting forgings and rudder forgings. Main engine forgings are the same as diesel engine forgings. Shafting forgings include thrust shaft, intermediate shaft and stern shaft, etc. Rudder system forgings include rudder stock, rudder post, rudder pin, etc.

In addition,forgings are widely used in the fields of energy, mining, metallurgy and general machinery manufacturing. Forging technology can manufacture forgings of various shapes and specifications according to specific needs to meet the specific requirements of various industries.


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