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What’s Rolled Ring Forging?

Time : 2023-04-12

Rolled ring forging is a metalworking process that involves punching a hole in a thick, solid, round metal piece to create a doughnut shape, then squeezing and pressuring the doughnut shape into a thin ring. The rolled ring forging process produces workpieces with improved densities and aligned grain flows.

The retaining ring forging is mainly used to manufacture retaining ring forgings, etc., by applying external force to the metal blank in stamping or pressure to make it plastically deformed, thereby changing the size, shape and performance, and then used to manufacture retaining ring forgings, etc. The same strength, light weight, good load resistance, high productivity

Process type: free forging, model forging, die forging and special forging

Product quality: Our company conducts strict quality inspection before delivery to ensure that there is no problem before delivery

Application fields: automobile industry, shipbuilding, construction, locomotive and other industries

Scope of application: petrochemical industry, parts processing, automobile industry, electronics industry, etc.


The forging of the retaining ring is mainly forged according to the requirements of the customer's drawings, and Jetvision adopts free forging, die forging and other forging methods for forging and processing. The forgings of the retaining ring have a large weight range, the same strength, light weight, good load resistance, and high productivity. They can be used in petrochemical, parts processing, automobile industry, electronics industry, etc. Large-scale retaining ring blanks can be used in automobile industry, shipbuilding, construction, locomotive and other industries. Forging processing equipment is complete, processing quality is good, and delivery cycle is fast. Welcome to inquire.

The retaining ring forging has high production efficiency and good comprehensive performance. It can be customized and processed according to your requirements. It has the characteristics of large weight range, light weight with the same strength, good load resistance, and high productivity. It can forge and process forgings such as retaining ring forgings, forging processing capacity Well, well equipped and with short lead times.

Features of retaining ring forgings

High forging productivity, saving metal billets


The forging process is mainly to heat the metal blank of the forging ring, put it between the upper and lower needle anvils of the forging equipment, and apply impact force or pressure to produce plastic deformation.

High forging production efficiency can eliminate internal defects of parts or blanks

Different forging methods such as free forging, upsetting, extrusion, die forging, closed die forging, and closed upsetting can be used according to the different moving methods of the billet.

Forgings are widely used and can be used in petrochemical industry, parts processing, automobile industry, electronics industry, etc., such as:

Forgings for hydroelectric generators, such as main shafts and intermediate shafts.

Forging machinery and equipment, such as hammer head, hammer shaft, column, cylinder block of hydraulic press, pillar and cylinder block of wheel axle press machine, etc.

General industrial forgings refer to civil industries such as machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery, agricultural implement manufacturing and bearing industry.

Forgings for thermal power stations, such as rotors, impellers, retaining rings, spindles, etc.


Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional and trusted supplier and manufacturer, which main offer alloy, stainless steel and copper nickel alloy material, such as 42CrMo, incoloy 800, hastelloy c276, 20CrMo, monel 400, inconel 625, 15CrMo alloy, copper c71500, s32205 duplex stainless steel, 15-5PH stainless steel, 904L stainless steel, etc. On the basis of this, we provide kinds of products ( forgings and flanges), including forgings rings, forged shaft, forgings flanges, forged bars, forging block, forged cylinder, weld neck flange, slip on flange, lap joint flange,etc. With low factory price and top quality.

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