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What are the Specific Characteristics of Shaft Forgings in Production?

Time : 2023-03-07

Forged shafts are a critical manufacturing piece in numerous industrial applications. The forged steel process utilizes hammering and press squeezing manufacturing techniques, allowing localized compressive forces to shape the forged metal workpiece to exact project specifications.

Shaft forgings are made by forging process, shaping into the required metal organization, after hot forging, the original cast laxity, pores, microcracks, etc. are compacted, the steel dendritic crystallization is broken, so that the grain becomes fine, while changing the original carbide segregation and uneven distribution, so that the organization is uniform, which can improve the metal properties.


The production process of shaft forgings is to make the metal plastic flow and make the required shape of workpiece. The production process of shaft forgings includes forging billet feeding, forging billet heating and pretreatment before forming. After forming, the shaft forgings are processed by lathe to remove the balance, and then heat treatment to improve the properties of the shaft forgings, and after processing, the shaft forgings are shaped according to the drawings after finishing and cutting, and after surface treatment and packaging, they can be shipped.

The volume of the shaft forgings remains unchanged after the metal is subjected to plastic flow by external forces, and the metal always flows to the part with less resistance. In the forging of shaft forgings, the shape of shaft forgings is often controlled according to these laws, and the general shape of shaft forgings is forged by upsetting, drawing, hole expansion, bending, deep drawing and other deformations. For a large batch of shaft forgings to make the size consistent and conducive to the organization of mass production, die forming methods can be applied to organize specialized mass or mass production.

The characteristic of shaft forgings is to obtain internal dense, uniform, fine, comprehensive performance and reliable use of shaft forgings by forging.


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