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What Are the Common Forms of Forging?

Time : 2023-11-23

Forging form mainly refers to the deformation mode experienced by metal materials during the forging process. Four types of forging manufacturing processes are commonly used to shape metal parts. These metal forging processes include impression die forging (closed die), open die forging, cold forging, and seamless rolled ring forging.

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Here are some common forms of forging:

Free forging: The metal is subject to free deformation during the forging process without strict restrictions, and is usually used to make simpler shapes.

There are two types of free forging: manual forging and machine forging.

Manual forging is a processing method that relies on human power to use tools such as anvils, sledgehammers, small hammers, pliers, punches, chisels, and hammers to deform the blank into forgings. The equipment and tools used in manual forging are simple and require low investment, but the labor intensity is high and the productivity is low. It is suitable for repair work and auxiliary work for machine forging.

Machine forging is a processing method that uses the impact force or pressure generated by the machine to deform the blank. It is more productive but is still the basic method of free forging.

Die forging: The use of dies to limit the deformation of metal to ensure that the resulting product has a specific shape and size.

Precision Forging: Highly accurate shapes and sizes are obtained by using precision dies during the forging process.

Closed forging: The metal is completely enclosed in the mold so that it forms a closed space, often used to make parts with complex shapes.

Cold forging: Forging at lower temperatures, suitable for parts requiring higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Hot forging: Forging at high temperatures makes the metal easier to deform, suitable for manufacturing large, complex-shaped parts.

Extrusion forging: Metal is extruded through a small hole to form the desired cross-section and shape, often used to produce long parts.

Rotary forging: Forging metal through rotation and thrust, suitable for large and complex parts such as bearings and aircraft parts.

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