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What are the Benefits of Forgings and Why Should You Choose Them?

Time : 2024-01-16

A forging is a metal part that is manufactured through the forging process and has many advantages that make choosing a forging a logical choice. Here are some of the advantages of forgings:

High Strength: Forging increases the strength and toughness of the metal, making forgings stronger and more durable than parts obtained from other manufacturing processes. 

Good grain structure: During the forging process, the metal undergoes deformation and reorganization, resulting in a denser grain structure that improves the mechanical properties of the material. 

Reduced Defects: The forging process reduces or eliminates porosity, inclusions and other defects in the metal, improving the overall quality of the part.

Accurate Size and Shape: The forging process can be carried out over a wider range of temperatures, resulting in parts with more accurate size and shape. 

Improved Surface Quality: The forging process reduces oxidation and other contaminants on the surface, resulting in a better surface quality of the forged part for applications that require high surface quality. 

Material Savings: Forging saves material by reducing the cross-section of the raw material to create small depressions. 

Adaptable: Forging is suitable for a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and is therefore highly adaptable to materials.

Environmentally friendly: Compared with other manufacturing processes, forging usually produces less waste and energy consumption, so it has better environmental performance.

alloy steel forging 

Forging has the advantages of high strength, good grain structure, reduced defects, precise size and shape, high surface quality, material savings, adaptability and environmental friendliness, therefore it is widely selected and applied in many industrial fields.

Forgings belong to the building materials industry and are used in a wide range of applications. Conceptually, forgings are metal applying pressure to mold the desired shape or appropriate compression through plastic deformation.

Compared with castings, the body of the forged valve has a more uniform structure, better density, better strength integrity, better dimensional characteristics and smaller dimensional errors. Directional structures (piping) offer higher performance than castings in terms of overall strength and stress.

High Strength - Hot forging promotes crystallization and grain refinement, resulting in strength and consistency of the material achieved and reduced part-to-part variation. Grain flow follows the contours of the valve body, which helps to minimize fatigue or common failures.

Structural Integrity - Forging eliminates internal defects and produces a coherent metallurgical organization that ensures superior performance. Where stress and crystal corrosion are severe, forged parts are guaranteed long service life and trouble-free service.

Reliability - Structural Integrity Forging eliminates internal defects and produces a coherent metallurgical organization that guarantees excellent performance. Where stress and crystal corrosion are severe, forgings are guaranteed long service life and trouble-free service.

Quality Assurance - Through the use of forgings, and their consistency and high quality, the need for x-rays on Class 1 castings disappears. The U.S. Navy takes the same attitude when using forgings on nuclear and. For finished forgings, all that is required by the ASME Code is ultrasonic testing (U.T.), magnetic particle (M.T.), or liquid penetration testing (P.T.). Scrap forgings found by U.T., M.T. or P.T. methods are very rare. Lead times for parts procurement can be controlled, so delivery of valves is more reliable.

Directional structure of the valve body - the fatigue strength against creep in environments with large temperature variations is more than three times that of castings.


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