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The Process of Making Ring Forgings

Time : 2024-05-07

Ring forgings can be said to be the most important part of heavy machinery, if there is a problem with the choice of materials in the production of ring forgings, it will affect the quality of the whole product.

So, what is the material of ring forgings? Specific gravity in the material for making ring forgings:

C: 0.41 ~ 0.45%, Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37%, Mn: 0.80 ~ 1.00%, P: ≤ 0.020%, S: ≤ 0.020%, Cr: 1.05 ~ 1.20%, and hydrogen, oxygen elements.

The process of making ring forgings: machining - heat treatment - tempering heat treatment - grinding - inspection - packaging.

rolled ring forged steelMaking ring forgings usually includes the following steps:

Design and planning: First, design and plan the ring forgings according to the shape, size and requirements of the desired ring forgings. This may involve designing using CAD software and identifying the raw materials required.

Preparing the raw material: Selecting a suitable raw metal, usually a metal such as steel or aluminum. The raw material must meet specific chemical composition and physical property requirements.

Heating: The raw material is heated to the appropriate temperature to bring it to a malleable state. This is usually done in a device called a furnace or oven.

Ring Forging: Applying pressure to the heated raw material, placing it in a ring mold and applying force by means of forging machinery or hydraulic equipment to gradually deform the raw material into the desired ring shape along the shape of the mold.

COOLING AND CURING: Cooling the ring forgings to stabilize them in the desired shape. Usually cooled in water or air.

Cutting and Trimming: The cooled ring forgings are cut to the required dimensions and are surface treated and trimmed to ensure a smooth surface and accurate dimensions.

Heat Treat: Heat treat ring forgings as required to improve their mechanical properties and durability. This may involve processes such as quenching, tempering or normalizing.

Inspection and quality control: ring forgings are inspected to ensure that they meet design requirements and quality standards. This may include visual inspection, dimensional measurements, chemical composition analysis and mechanical property testing.

Packaging and Delivery: Finally, the ring forgings are packaged and delivered to the customer or downstream manufacturer as ordered.

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