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Process Flow of Large Forging Processing

Time : 2024-04-17

Forging processing refers to the process of forming and processing of metal materials using pressure processing methods, which is characterized by energy saving and excellent product performance.

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Material preparation: according to the production requirements, select the appropriate material for forging processing. Usually, the forging pressure is larger, the material requirements are also higher, the material is required to have good plasticity and toughness, can withstand the forging process. Common forging materials are steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and so on.

Material heating: before forging process, the material needs to be heated to make it reach the appropriate molding temperature. The heating temperature of different materials will be different, generally need to be heated to a higher temperature, in order to facilitate the plastic deformation of the material and the increase in deformation.

Hammer forging: After heating to the appropriate temperature, the forging process begins. Forging usually adopts the hammering process, through the rails, air hammers and other tools to the material into the constant impact and deformation, so that its shape. This process requires strict requirements for forging equipment and operators to ensure that the processing results.

Mold forming: In addition to hammering processing, molds can also be used for forming processing. Die forming can process a variety of shapes and local curves of the workpiece, but also to improve the surface quality and performance of the material.

Cooling treatment: for the finished forging, it is necessary to carry out cooling treatment, so that it reaches the corresponding hardness and toughness. Cooling treatment can be carried out by water quenching, oil quenching and other ways, but the specific cooling method needs to be based on the material and working conditions.

Heat treatment: heat treatment of forgings, such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. These heat treatment processes can adjust the hardness, strength and toughness of forgings to meet specific performance requirements.

Machining: If subsequent processing of forgings is required, such as punching, cutting, grinding, etc., machining is required. Machining can be fine processing of the workpiece, so that it reaches the required size and accuracy requirements.

Inspection: The finished workpiece is inspected to ensure that it meets the requirements. Common inspection criteria include material quality, machining accuracy and size.

Surface treatment: Finally, surface treatment of forgings, such as spraying, plating, polishing, etc., in order to improve its surface quality and appearance, and extend its service life.

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