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Introduction of Marine Forging

Time : 2023-03-15

Marine forgings are roughly divided into three categories: main engine forgings, shafting forgings and rudder forgings. Main engine forgings mainly include crankshaft, intermediate shaft and crosshead. Shafting forgings mainly include thrust shaft, intermediate shaft and stern shaft. Rudder system forgings mainly include rudder stock, rudder post and rudder pin. In recent years, with the rapid development of the world's shipbuilding industry, the specifications of marine forgings have become larger and larger, the technical requirements have become higher and higher, and the production difficulty has become more and more difficult.

The forgings of the intermediate shaft of the ship engine mainly use pressure on the metal blank to cause plastic deformation and change its mechanical properties. Forging can eliminate metal looseness and holes in the forging of the intermediate shaft of the marine engine, so that the mechanical properties of the forging can be improved. Forgings have a wide range of uses and can be used in power plants, military industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding, steel bridges, petrochemicals, medical equipment, aviation forging and other industries.

They have a wide range of weights, the same strength, light weight, great flexibility and high quality.


Customers can choose various forging methods such as free forging, die forging and special forging according to the performance requirements of forgings. Forgings have good shape and dimensional stability, and good comprehensive mechanical properties. According to the movement mode of the forging die, the forging methods such as pendulum rolling, pendulum swivel forging, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, ring rolling, skew rolling, etc. can be used to forge high production efficiency and eliminate internal defects of parts or blanks

Forging has a wide range of uses and can be used in steel bridges, petrochemicals, medical equipment, aviation forging, etc. For example, forgings for general industry refer to civilian industries such as machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery, agricultural tool manufacturing, and bearing industry. Metallurgical machinery, such as cold rolls, hot rolls and herringbone gear shafts, etc. Forgings for hydroelectric generators, such as main shafts and intermediate shafts. Marine forgings, such as crankshaft, stern shaft, rudder stock, thrust shaft and intermediate shaft, etc.


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