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Introduction of Forged Flange

Time : 2024-05-22

Forged Flange  is a metal processing technology widely used in industrial manufacturing, mainly used to change the shape and properties of metal materials.

Forged Flange  is a kind of pipeline connector made by forging process, which is usually used to connect pipelines, valves, pumps and other equipment. The forging process is used to produce plastic deformation by applying pressure to the metal material, so as to obtain a workpiece with certain shape, size and mechanical properties.

forged flange

Classification of forging flange

Classification by shape:

Slip on Flange: Flat welding flange is suitable for pipeline connection with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa, and the flange is set on the pipe and then welded.

Weld Neck Flange: This kind of flange has a high neck, usually used for high pressure and high temperature occasions.

Threaded Flange: The flange has internal threads, which can be directly connected with the pipe with threads, and is mainly used for small-diameter, low-pressure pipelines.

Blind Flange: Used for blocking the end or opening of pipelines, applicable to pipeline systems of different pressure levels.

Socket Weld Flange: The pipe is inserted into the flange hole and then welded, suitable for small diameter and high pressure pipeline connection.

Classified by material:

Carbon Steel Flange: Carbon steel material with good strength and hardness, suitable for general industrial use.

Stainless steel flanges: made of stainless steel, with excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for food, chemical and other industries.

Alloy steel flange: using alloy steel material, suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment, such as petroleum, chemical and other industries.

forged steel flange connection types 

Advantages of forging flange

High strength: the forging process can significantly improve the strength and hardness of the metal material, which makes the flange have better bearing capacity.

Good toughness: the plastic deformation in the forging process can improve the toughness of the material, so that the flange is more difficult to break in the process of use.

Corrosion resistance: Especially stainless steel flanges have excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for corrosive environments.

Compact structure: Forged flanges have fine metal grain, uniform internal structure and more stable performance.

Application of Forged Flanges

Forged flanges are widely used in the following industries and fields:

Oil and gas industry: used in pipeline systems for transporting oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, etc.

Chemical industry: used in the pipeline of various chemicals, especially in the highly corrosive environment.

Electric power industry: used in the boiler and heat exchanger system of the power station.

Water treatment system: Used in piping connections for sewage treatment and water purification.

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry: Stainless steel forged flanges are widely used in these industries for their excellent hygiene and corrosion resistance.

Application of Forged Flanges

Manufacturing process of forged flanges

Selection: Choose appropriate metal materials according to the usage requirements, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

Heating: Heat the metal billet to a certain temperature so that it has good plasticity.

Forging: by forging hammer or press on the heated metal billet pressure, forging and precision forging, and gradually shaped.

Heat treatment: heat treatment of the forged flange to eliminate internal stress and improve mechanical properties.

Machining: Turning, drilling, milling and other processing of the forged blank to achieve the final size requirements.

Testing: The finished flanges are tested for size, mechanical properties, chemical composition, etc. to ensure that they meet the relevant standards and requirements.

The flanges manufactured through forging process have excellent mechanical properties and usability, and are indispensable key components in piping system.

Manufacturing process of forged flanges

Related knowledge of forging flange

1. Forged flange is a pipe and pipe interconnection parts, connected to the end of the pipe.

2. There are holes on the forging flange, and the bolts make the two flanges tightly connected.

3. The forging flange is sealed with a gasket.

5. There are three types of sealing surfaces of forged flanges: plane-type sealing surfaces, suitable for occasions with low pressure and non-toxic medium; concave-convex sealing surfaces, suitable for occasions with slightly higher pressure; tongue-and-groove sealing surfaces, suitable for occasions with flammable, explosive and toxic mediums as well as higher pressure.

6. Gasket is a kind of plastic deformation can occur, and has a certain strength of the material made of rings. It can be cast from, can also be threaded or welded composition.

7. Flange connection consists of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number of bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the two flange sealing surface, after tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket reaches a certain value to produce deformation, and fill the sealing surface on the unevenness, so that the connection is tight and not leakage.

8. Flange connection is a detachable connection. According to the connected parts can be divided into container flange and pipe flange. According to the structure type, there are whole flange, live flange and threaded flange.

9. The common integral flange has flat welding flange and butt welding flange. Flat welding forged flanges have poor rigidity and are suitable for occasions with pressure p4MPa; butt welding flanges, also known as high neck flanges, have greater rigidity and are suitable for occasions with higher pressure and temperature.

alloy steel forged flange

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