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How to Solve the Quality Problem of Forged Cylinder Extrusion Parts?

Time : 2023-08-22

Forged cylinder refers to the cylinder parts which are processed by forging.Forging cylinder is through the metal forging process to heat the metal billet to a certain temperature, and then apply pressure to make it plastic deformation in the mold, and ultimately obtain the desired cylinder shape.

It has high strength and durability, excellent mechanical properties.

Hollow forging can be used in a variety of industrial fields, such as automotive manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, etc., for the manufacture of bearings, pipes, shafts and other components


To solve the quality problem of forging cylinder extrusion, on the one hand, make the forging cylinder deformation as uniform as possible, on the other hand, should also pay attention to the orifice part of the deformation of the uniformity of the problem, you can take corresponding countermeasures from the following aspects:

1.Reduce friction resistance. Such as improving the surface roughness of the mold, the use of good lubricants and the use of sleeve extrusion. For example, when cold extruding steel, the billet needs to be phosphatized and saponified. The purpose of phosphating is to form a porous organization on the surface of the billet, in order to better store the lubricant. The role of saponification is lubrication. Another example is hot extrusion of alloy steel and titanium alloys, in addition to the billet surface lubricant coating, in the billet and die aperture between the glass lubrication pad. Hot extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles, in order to prevent the production of coarse crystal ring, etc., often in the billet outside the bread layer of pure aluminum.

2.Within the range permitted by the drawing of the cylinder forging, make appropriate conical or rounded corners at the orifice.

3.With the addition of reverse force method of extrusion, which helps to reduce the inner and outer deformation of the metal flow rate difference and additional stress, extrusion of low-plasticity materials should be used.

4.Adopt high-speed extrusion, because the friction coefficient is smaller in high-speed deformation.


Complex shape of the extruded parts can be integrated to take some measures in the difficult to flow part of the attempt to reduce the resistance, while in the easy to flow part of the attempt to increase the resistance, in order to make the cylinder forging deformation as uniform as possible, the commonly used measures are:

1) Adopt different taper angles at the die aperture.

2)Adopting different lengths for the sizing bands in the aperture part of the concave die.

3) Set up a transition zone, so that the metal through the die orifice deformation as uniform as possible.

In recent years, China has begun to use cool liquid extrusion and thermostatic liquid extrusion technology. Hydrostatic extrusion is the extrusion rod pressed in the liquid medium, so that the medium produces ultra-high pressure (up to 2000-3500MPa or higher), due to the liquid force transfer characteristics so that the top of the billet unit pressure and the surrounding side pressure is equal.

Because there is no friction between the blank and the extrusion cylinder, the deformation is more uniform, in addition, because of the extrusion process, the liquid is constantly extruded from the concave die and between the bad, that is, the liquid exists in the state of a thin layer between the concave die and the blank, the formation of the forced lubrication, so the friction between the concave die and the blank is very small, the deformation will be more uniform, and the quality of the product is better. Because of the uniform deformation, the additional tensile stress is small, so it can be extruded some low plasticity materials.


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