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How to Preserve Ring Forgings?

Time : 2023-12-19

Ring forgings are ring shaped parts made through a forging process. This process is often used to produce high strength and wear resistant parts, such as automotive parts, mechanical parts or some components in engineering equipment.

Forging rings generally require some special preservation methods to ensure that their quality and performance are not compromised.

Forgings rings are commonly used workpieces and can be found everywhere in engineering machinery, wind power, chemical industry and other machinery. Ring forgings generally require some special preservation methods to ensure that their quality and performance are not compromised. 

forged ring forging

So how does the forging factory preserve the ring forgings?

Anti-rust treatment: Use appropriate anti-rust lubricants or coatings to ensure that the surface of ring forgings is not susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

Avoid moisture: Make sure the place where ring forgings are stored is dry and ventilated to avoid moisture and moisture from affecting the metal surface.

Packaging protection: Use appropriate packaging materials, such as moisture-proof bags, foam, etc., to wrap the ring forgings to prevent collision and friction during transportation or storage.

Regular inspection: Regularly check the storage conditions of ring forgings to ensure that no abnormalities occur and take timely measures to solve them.

Avoid Stacking: Avoid stacking ring forgings together to prevent additional stress and scratches on the surface.

Appropriate temperature: Try to store ring forgings in a stable temperature environment to avoid the impact of temperature changes on material properties.

Reasonable stacking: If stacking is required, ensure that the stacking method is reasonable and will not cause deformation or damage.

Record maintenance information: Record the maintenance status of ring forgings, including the time of anti-rust treatment, inspection results, etc., which will help to detect problems in time and take measures.

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