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Eight Major Properties of the Forging of Forgings

Time : 2024-03-20

Forging of forgings generally go through several processes such as forging, cutting, heat treatment and so on. In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the mold, reduce production costs, the material should have good malleability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability and grindability; should also have a small oxidation, decarburization sensitivity and quenching deformation cracking tendency.

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Eight Major Properties of the Forging of Forgings

1.Malleability: a low resistance to hot forging deformation, good plasticity, forging temperature range, forging cracking cold crack and precipitation of reticulated carbide tendency is low.

2.Annealing process: spherical annealing temperature range of wide, low annealing hardness and fluctuations in the range of small, high rate of spherization.

3.Cutting processability: large cutting dosage, low tool loss, low surface roughness.

4.Oxidation, decarburization sensitivity: high temperature heating, oxidation can be good, slow decarburization, insensitive to the heating medium, small tendency to produce pockmarks.

5.Hardenability: quenched with uniform and high surface hardness.

6.Hardenability: after quenching to obtain a deep hardened layer, the use of mild quenching medium can be hardened.

7.Quenching deformation cracking tendency: conventional quenching volume change is small, shape warping, distortion is slight, abnormal deformation tendency is low. Conventional quenching cracking sensitivity is low, the quenching temperature and the shape of the workpiece is not sensitive.

8.Grindability: grinding wheel relative loss is small, no burn limit grinding dosage, the quality of the grinding wheel and cooling conditions are not sensitive, not easy to occur abrasion and grinding cracks.

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