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Common Materials Used for Forging Shaft

Time : 2023-05-05

Commonly used materials for forged shafts are high quality carbon structural steels with a moderate carbon content. For less loaded or less important shafts, ordinary carbon structural steel can also be used. For larger forces, the size of shaft forgings and heavy children are limited, as well as some special requirements of the shaft, can be used medium carbon alloy steel. Alloy steels are highly sensitive to stress concentrations, so the structural shape of shafts using alloy steels should minimise sources of stress concentration and require low surface roughness values.

Cast iron should be used sparingly as a shaft material due to its poor toughness. However, for structurally complex and less important shafts, ductile iron or high-strength cast iron can also be used as shaft material. Although the strength limit of the material is high, the modulus of elasticity is also slightly larger, but because the difference between the modulus of elasticity of various types of steel is not large, so only to improve the stiffness of the shaft and the use of high strength limit of the material is not appropriate.Forged shafts are generally manufactured from rolled round steel or forgings by cutting. Smaller diameter shafts can be manufactured from rolled round steel. For large diameters or important shafts, forgings are often used.


There are many kinds of materials for shaft forgings, and the common materials for forgings are: 40Cr、42CrMo、20CrMnMo、20CrMnTi,15CrMo、20CrMo、25CrMo、30CrMo、35CrMo、35CrMoV、20Cr2Ni4、20CrNiMo、40CrNiMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、35CrMoV、12Cr1MoV、38CrMoAl、18Cr2Nio4W、40CrNi2Mo、30CrMnSi、25Cr2MoV、17Cr2Ni2Mo、20MnMo、20MnMoNb、34CrNi3Mo、20CrMnTi、40CrMnMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrMo1、24CrMoV、30Cr2MoV、34CrNi1Mo、17Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrNi3MoV、A182F1、F5、F9、F11、F22、12Cr2Mo1、10Cr9Mo1VNbN(F91)、10Cr9MoW2VNbBN(F92)、12CrMoV、4140、4340、4330、4130、4150、9CR2MO、17NiCrMo6-4、18CrNiMo7-6、30CrNiMo8、34CRNIMO、34CrNiMo6、36CrNiMo4、34CrNi3Mo、40CRNIMO、40CrNiMoA、50CrMo4、Q345D、300M、17-4PH、PH13-8Mo、15-5PH、AerMet100, etc

Forged shafts are available in a wide range of materials and are designed according to the requirements for strength, stiffness and wear resistance of the shaft forging and the heat treatment used to achieve these requirements, taking into account the manufacturing process. As shafts are usually subjected to alternating stresses during operation, the most common form of shaft failure is fracture due to alternating stresses, so shaft materials should have a certain degree of toughness and good fatigue resistance.


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