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Classification of Straight Shaft Forging

Time : 2023-06-13

Straight shaft forgings can be classified into light shaft, stepped shaft and some special purpose shafts such as camshaft, spline shaft, gear shaft and even worm shaft according to different shapes.

Light shaft shape is simple, easy to process, less stress concentration source on the shaft, low cost; the disadvantage is that the shaft and the shaft parts hub hole fit using the base shaft system, parts positioning inconvenience, especially when the shaft needs to install several parts subject to axial force is more difficult, therefore, the light shaft often only in the shaft end to install parts. In addition, the shape of the optical shaft is not compatible with the distribution of the moment on its bay, so it is mostly used to transmit the wearing moment. Light shafts are more often used in textile machinery, machine tools and agricultural machinery.

The diameter of each shaft section of the stepped shaft is different, and the parts on the shaft are installed and positioned more easily. Since the stress distribution on the shaft is usually large in the middle and small at both ends, the stepped shaft is more reasonably loaded and its shape is close to that of an equal strength beam. Stepped shafts are widely used.


Straight shaft forgings are usually solid sections. Sometimes the shaft is made hollow because the machine structure requires other parts or bars to be machined in the shaft (e.g. lathe spindle), or the shaft hole is required to carry lubricating oil or coolant, or to reduce the weight of the shaft significantly (e.g. hydroelectric turbine shaft).

As the shaft transmits torque, the outer material is subjected to large shear stress, so the hollow drive shaft is more fully utilized.

Crankshaft is a special part on internal combustion engines, crank presses and other machines to transform reciprocating motion into rotary motion or to make the opposite transformation.

Flexible shafts are mainly used for space transmission where the two drive axes are not in the same straight line or work with relative motion to each other, and can also be used for applications subject to continuous vibration to moderate shock. In recent years, it has also been successfully used in robots and robots.


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