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AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring
AISI 4130 Forging Ring

AISI 4130 Forging Ring

Product Name: AISI 4130 forging ring

Outside Diameter: max.3700 mm

Inside Diameter: min.acc. to requ.

Height: max. 700 mm

Weight: max. 5 tons

Material: F22, F65, 4130, 4140, 4145, 4340, 8630; F51, 17-4PH, F55, F53, 904L, F44; monel 400, hastelloy C22, hastelloy c276, hastelloy x, inconel 625, inconel 718, inconel 600, inconel 601.....

Application: Used for aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive industries.

Outside Diametermax.3700 mm
Inside Diametermin.acc. to requ.
Heightmax. 700 mm
Weightmax. 5 tons



42CrMo AISI 4130 Customized Hot Forged Rolled Ring Forging for Slew Bearing, Customized High Precision Hot Forging Service OEM Steel Hot Forging Parts, High Quality Factory Price 4140 42crmo4 Factory made forging roller ring, Carbon Steel OEM E235 Rolled Forged Ring by Open Die

The AISI 4130 Forging Ring is a high-quality and versatile product designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. Made from low-alloy steel, AISI 4130 offers exceptional strength, toughness, and weldability. This forging ring is meticulously crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring precision and reliability.



Superior Strength: The AISI 4130 Forging Ring exhibits excellent strength properties, making it suitable for applications that require high load-bearing capabilities and resistance to deformation.

Exceptional Toughness: With its outstanding toughness, this forging ring can withstand extreme operating conditions and impacts, providing reliable performance even in challenging environments.

Excellent Weldability: AISI 4130 offers excellent weldability, allowing for easy and reliable joining with other components or structures, thus enhancing versatility and ease of assembly.

Corrosion Resistance: The low-alloy composition of AISI 4130 provides good resistance against corrosion and oxidation, ensuring prolonged service life and reduced maintenance costs.

AISI 4130 Information

AISI 4130 is a versatile low-alloy steel commonly used in the manufacturing of forgings, including rings. It offers a good balance of strength, toughness, and weldability, making it suitable for various applications such as aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive industries.

When forging a ring using AISI 4130, the process typically involves the following steps:

Preheating: The steel is preheated to a specific temperature to improve its forgeability and reduce the risk of cracking during forging.

Forming: The preheated AISI 4130 steel is placed on a forging die and subjected to controlled pressure using a forging press or hammer. The steel is shaped into a ring-like form by applying compressive forces.

Ring Expansion: After the initial forming, the ring is often expanded using specialized tools or a mandrel to achieve the desired dimensions and shape.

Heat Treatment: Once the ring is formed, it undergoes heat treatment to enhance its mechanical properties. The typical heat treatment for AISI 4130 involves a process called quenching and tempering. This includes heating the ring to a specific temperature, followed by rapid cooling (quenching) in a suitable medium such as oil or water, and then reheating (tempering) to a lower temperature to achieve the desired combination of hardness, strength, and toughness.

Machining: After heat treatment, the forged ring may undergo machining operations such as turning, grinding, or milling to achieve the final dimensions and surface finish.


Nickel Forging Alloys:

Monel 400 (UNS N04400/W.Nr.2.4360);Monel R405, Monel K500, etc

Inconel 718 (UNS N07718/W.Nr.2.4668); Inconel X-750 (UNS N07750/W.Nr.2.4669); Inconel 690 (UNS N06690/W.Nr.2.4642); Inconel 625 (UNS N06625/W.Nr.2.4856); Inconel 600 (UNS N06600/W.Nr.2.4816); Inconel 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr.2.4851);

Hastelloy B (UNS N10001); Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276/W.Nr.2.4819); Hastelloy C (NS333); Hastelloy C-22 (UNS N06022/W.Nr.2.4602)

Incoloy 926 (UNS N08926/W.Nr.1.4529); Incoloy 800HT (UNS N08811/W.Nr.1.4959); Incoloy 825 (UNS N08825/W.Nr.2.4858); GH4169(Inconel 718)

Stainless Steel Forging Alloys:

F51(UNS S31803 W.Nr1.4462); 17-4PH(UNS S17400 SUS630 W.Nr1.4542); F55(UNS 32760 W.Nr1.4501); F53(UNS 32750 W.Nr1.4410 2205); 904L(UNS N08904 W.Nr1.4539); F44(UNS S31254 254SMo W.Nr1.4547)

Carbon Alloy Special Steels:

F22, F65, 4130(UNS G41300, 30CrMo), 4140(UNS G41400, 42CrMo, 42CrMo4) , 4145(UNS G41500, 50CrMo4, 1.7228), 4340(UNS G43400, 36CrNiMo4, 40NCD3, 40CrNi2MoA), 8630(UNS G86300)



Versatile Application: The AISI 4130 Forging Ring finds extensive use in diverse industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and more. Its superior properties make it suitable for critical components like aircraft landing gears, oil drilling equipment, suspension systems, and many other demanding applications.

Precision Engineering: Each AISI 4130 Forging Ring is meticulously engineered with precision and attention to detail, ensuring consistent dimensions, tight tolerances, and reliable performance.

Quality Assurance: Our AISI 4130 Forging Ring undergoes rigorous quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer specifications. We are committed to delivering a product of exceptional quality.



Production Process

Material Stocking → Sawing&Cutting → Heating → Machining → Heat Treatment → Forging→ Testing → Finished Product → Packing


Heat Treatment

Hardening → Annealing → Tempering → Case Hardening → Normalization


Application Scenario

The AISI 4130 Forging Ring is widely used in various application scenarios, including:

Aerospace: Aircraft landing gears, engine components, structural elements.

Oil and Gas: Drilling equipment, wellhead components, offshore platform structures.

Automotive: Suspension systems, drive train components, steering mechanisms.

General Engineering: Industrial machinery, power transmission systems, structural applications.

After-sales Service

We take pride in providing excellent after-sales service to our valued customers. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the AISI 4130 Forging Ring. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our product and are committed to resolving any issues promptly and efficiently.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can the AISI 4130 Forging Ring be customized to specific dimensions and shapes?A: Yes, we offer customization services to meet your specific requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss your customization needs.

Q2: What heat treatment process is applied to the AISI 4130 Forging Ring?A: The typical heat treatment process includes quenching and tempering to achieve the desired combination of hardness, strength, and toughness.

Q3: Is the AISI 4130 Forging Ring suitable for high-temperature applications?A: Yes, AISI 4130 exhibits excellent performance at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for various high-temperature applications.

Q4: What certifications and quality standards do your products adhere to?A: Our AISI 4130 Forging Ring complies with industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, and customer-specific requirements. We also provide relevant certifications upon request.

What is 4130 forging material?

AISI/SAE 4130 is a low alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum as strengthening agents. This steel has good strength and toughness, weldability (due to its low carbon content) and machinability. AISI 4130 is a versatile alloy with good atmospheric corrosion resistance.

What is the difference between AISI 4140 and 4130?

What is the difference between 4130 and 4140? 4140 steel is similar to 4130 steel in terms of composition. However, there is a difference in carbon content, with 4140 steel having 0.38-0.43 % while 4130 steel has 0.28-0.33 %. This difference is responsible for the different 4130 and 4140 steel properties seen.

What is AISI 4130 steel used for?

4130 steel performs best as a structural steel, and is most often found as round tube or bar stock in structural applications for aircraft and buildings.

What is the difference between AISI 4130 and 4340?

4130 steel is used for many different industries including the automotive, aerospace and machining industries. 4340 steel, as nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, is a very high strength steel. It is sought after for its toughness and for being used as a steel that will be highly stressed.

Ring forgings have been used in China for thousands of years. Machine forging is carried out on various forging equipment using forging tools. Machine forging can be divided into four categories: free forging, model forging, tire die forging and special forging according to the different equipment and tools used.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,LTD is a professional production of forging flanges, forgings rings, forged shaft, forged bar, customized forgings, etc. , products are widely used in mechanical equipment, new energy equipment, petrochemical pressure vessel equipment, aerospace and military special equipment and other fields.

Our company has strong technical strength and fully implements lean production management, It is equipped with a full set of production lines integrating forging processing, heat treatment, machining and performance testing.The material covers alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and superalloy and other difficult deformation materials.

Forging Line:


Other Forgings are Available

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.Ltd is a professional supplier&manufacturer which offer kinds of alloy and stainless steel forging, such as forging ring, shaft forging, forged cylinder, forged discs, forged hollow, forging block, forged round bar, etc, with top quality and low factory price.

SIZE/ WEIGHTCarbon, Alloy & ToolStainlessAluminumTitanium
FLAT BAR/BLOCKSMAX. WIDTH120”120”27”60”65”
MAX. WEIGHT60,000#60,000#15,000#10,000#15,000#
MAX. LENGTH108”108”65”96”65”
DISCS/HUBSMAX. DIA.96”96”50”80”65”
MAX. WEIGHT75,000#75,000#20,000#15,000#10,000#
MAX. LENGTH65”65”40”65”65”
ROUNDS/SHAFTS (with steps or flanges)MAX. LENGTH420”220”144”220”144”
MAX. WEIGHT75,000#75,000#20,000#10,000#10,000#

Material are avalible: Stainless Steel: ASTM A182、F304/304L、 F316/316L、

F316H、F310、 F321、JB4728-2000 、OCR18Ni10Ti、JB4728-2000、OCR17NI12Mo2、2205、2507、2103、904L、254SMD、304LN、316LN、1CR13、2cr13、3cr13、4cr13、321、302、W1813N、W2014N、W2018N、W2020N、P550、Cr18Mn18N、06Cr19Ni10(S30408)、022Cr19Ni10(S30403)、06Cr17Ni12Mo2(S31608)、022Cr17Ni12Mo2(S31603)、06Cr25Ni20(S31008)、06Cr18Ni11Ti(S32168)、022Cr19Ni13Mo(S31703)、0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb、06Cr19Ni10N、14Cr17Ni2、13Cr13Mo、06Cr13, etc stainless steel forgings.

Alloy Steel:

40Cr、15CrMo、20CrMo、25CrMo、30CrMo、35CrMo、35CrMoV、42CrMo、20Cr2Ni4、20CrNiMo、40CrNiMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、35CrMoV、12Cr1MoV、38CrMoAl、18Cr2Nio4W、40CrNi2Mo、30CrMnSi、25Cr2MoV、17Cr2Ni2Mo、20MnMo、20MnMoNb、34CrNi3Mo、20CrMnTi、40CrMnMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrMo1、20CrMnMo、24CrMoV、30Cr2MoV、34CrNi1Mo、17Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrNi3MoV、20CrMnTi、A182F1、F5、F9、F11、F22、12Cr2Mo1、10Cr9Mo1VNbN(F91)、10Cr9MoW2VNbBN(F92)、12CrMoV、4140、4340、4330、4130、4150、9CR2MO、17NiCrMo6-4、18CrNiMo7-6、30CrNiMo8、34CRNIMO、34CrNiMo6、36CrNiMo4、34CrNi3Mo、40CRNIMO、40CrNiMoA、50CrMo4、Q345D、300M、17-4PH、PH13-8Mo、15-5PH、AerMet100, etc alloy steel forgings.