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Large Diameter Flanges weld neck flange forging flanges
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
forged flange manufacturer
forging flange supplier
Large Diameter Flanges weld neck flange forged flange
Large Diameter Flanges weld neck flange forging flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange

Weld Neck Flange

Material: Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel, duplex stainless steel, titanium, PH stainless steel,....

Standards: ASTM A105, ASTM A182

Sizes: 1/2'' to 24'', Customized up to 48''

Thickness: Schedule 10(S) to SCH 160

Pressure Ratings: Class 150 to 2500

Face Type: RF, RTJ

MaterialStainless Steel:SS304,SS316,SS304L,SS316L,SS321,SS310,904L,1.4401,1.4403
Duplex Stainless Steel:UNS31803,SAF2205,UNS32205,UNS31500,UNS32750,UNS32760,1.4462,1.4410,1.4501,and etc.
Nickel alloy: incone1600,incone1625,incone1690,incoloy800,, incoloy800H,C22,C-276,Mone1400,Alloy20 etc.
TypePlate, Slip-on, Welding Neck, Blind, Threaded, Socked Weld,LWN,Loose
StandardANSI/ASME B16.5,BS4504,GOST,DIN,UNI,EN1092,JIS B2220,API 6A,SABA1123,etc
ApplicationFor Water, Oil and Gas Industrial

Weld neck flange (WN flange) has a neck that can relocated stress of the pipe, so to reduce the pressure that gathered in the flange bottom. It is compatible to the pipelines that works in high or low temperature and bear high pressure. Specially for the pipe or the valves when PN is larger than 2.5 Mpa.


Forged flanges combine two separate machinery parts together. They can be an extension to a structure in order to make the object stronger. Industrial flanges have numerous uses including connecting sheets, pumps, pipes and structures that specifically require an intermediate point of connection.

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Forged steel flange has higher precision and performances, it's widely used in different industries for connecting equipment or pipelines, especially for high temperature and high pressure environments.

Standards Referred for WN flange

Material Standards: ASTM A105/N For carbon steel weld neck flange, ASTM A182 F11, F22 for alloy steel, ASTM A182 F304 / F304L, F316 / F316L for stainless steel weld neck flange, etc

Manufacturing Standards: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, BS 3293, DIN 2630 PN 1 and PN 2.5, 2631 PN 6, 2632 PN 10, 2634 PN 16, 2634 PN 25, 2635 PN 40

Applications and Features

Weld neck flange mainly used in medium, high pressure pipes connecting, most butt weld flange with neck also called nipple flange.

Therefore, the installation cost of the welding flange, labor costs and auxiliary materials costs are higher, because there is more than one process.

Technology and Method of Forging Steel Flange

Its technology and method includes free forging, die forging and fetal membrane forging. According to the quality of the forgings and number of production batches, different forging methods are selected.

Free Forging

The free forging productivity is low, the machining allowance is large, but the tool is simple and the versatility is large, so it is widely used for forging a single piece and a small batch of forgings with a simple shape.

Die Forging

The die forging is collectively referred to as model forging, in which the heated blank is placed in the forging die fixed on the die forging equipment.

Forged Steel Flange

It has good streamline shape and compact structure, have good mechanical properties.

If the forging process is improper, the grain will be large or uneven, and the hardening crack will occur.

Forgings is compatible with high shear and tensile forces.

The internal structure of the forging is uniform.

Packaging Information:

1.Diameter: Φ0.03~Φ0.25 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN100 plastic shaft packing , 2 kg per shaft , 16 shaft / per box;

2.Diameter: Φ0.25~Φ0.80 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN160 plastic shaft packing , 7 kg per shaft , 4 shaft / per box;

3.Diameter: Φ0.80~Φ2.00 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN200 plastic shaft packing , 13.5 kg per shaft , 4 shaft / per box;

4.Diameter :more than 2.00, per volume weight in 30~ 60 kg, inner and outside plastic film packaging;

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What is forged steel flange?

Forged flanges are used as fittings to form a piping network for cylinders, valves, pumps and other equipment. Forged flanges combine two separate machinery parts together. They can be an extension to a structure in order to make the object stronger.


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