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AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow
AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow

AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve 40Cr Forging Hollow

Product Name: 40Cr Forged cylinder supplier,AISI 5140 forging hollow manufacturer,AISI 4140 forged hollow price list

Outside Diameter: max.1300 mm

Inside Diameter: min.200 mm

Height: max.900 mm

Weight: max.5 tons

Material: F22, F65, 4130, 4140, 4145, 4340, 8630; F51, 17-4PH, F55, F53, 904L, F44; monel 400, hastelloy C22, hastelloy c276, hastelloy x, inconel 625, inconel 718, inconel 600, inconel 601, incoloy 800, incoloy 825, incoloy 925, incoloy 926, etc...

Outside Diametermax.1300 mm
Inside Diametermin.200 mm
Heightmax.900 mm
Weight5 tons



Top Quality Low Price 40Cr Forging hollow sleeve for Machine forged cylinder AISI 5140 forging hollow sleeve Nickel Alloy die forging cylinder supplier and manufacturer

40Cr Forging Hollow - The Ultimate Combination of Strength and Precision

The AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve - Unyielding Performance and Precision

40Cr Forging Hollow - an engineering marvel meticulously crafted from high-grade 40Cr low-alloy steel. This hollow marvel is the result of precision forging, boasting exceptional mechanical properties that redefine durability and performance. Its tubular design and unique composition make it an ideal choice for applications requiring a perfect balance between strength and weight reduction.

Discover the pinnacle of engineering excellence with the AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve. Meticulously crafted from AISI 5140 steel, this cylinder sleeve exemplifies strength, durability, and precise engineering. Through the meticulous forging process, it attains exceptional mechanical properties, making it an indispensable component for demanding industrial applications.


Nickel Forging Alloys:

Monel 400 (UNS N04400/W.Nr.2.4360); Monel R405 (UNS N04405), Monel K500(UNS N05500)

Inconel 718 (UNS N07718/W.Nr.2.4668); Inconel X-750 (UNS N07750/W.Nr.2.4669); Inconel 690 (UNS N06690/W.Nr.2.4642); Inconel 625 (UNS N06625/W.Nr.2.4856); Inconel 600 (UNS N06600/W.Nr.2.4816); Inconel 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr.2.4851);

Hastelloy B (UNS N10001); Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276/W.Nr.2.4819); Hastelloy C (NS333); Hastelloy C-22 (UNS N06022/W.Nr.2.4602)

Incoloy 926 (UNS N08926/W.Nr.1.4529); Incoloy 800HT (UNS N08811/W.Nr.1.4959); Incoloy 825 (UNS N08825/W.Nr.2.4858); GH4169(Inconel 718)

Stainless Steel Forging Alloys:

F51(UNS S31803 W.Nr1.4462); 17-4PH(UNS S17400 SUS630 W.Nr1.4542); F55(UNS 32760 W.Nr1.4501); F53(UNS 32750 W.Nr1.4410 2205); 904L(UNS N08904 W.Nr1.4539); F44(UNS S31254 254SMo W.Nr1.4547)

Carbon Alloy Special Steels:

F22, F65, 4130(UNS G41300, 30CrMo), 4140(UNS G41400, 42CrMo, 42CrMo4) , 4145(UNS G41500, 50CrMo4, 1.7228), 4340(UNS G43400, 36CrNiMo4, 40NCD3, 40CrNi2MoA), 8630(UNS G86300)



Unrivaled Strength: The 40Cr Forging Hollow offers impressive strength, capable of withstanding heavy loads and extreme conditions with confidence.

Weight Optimization: Embrace the power of weight reduction without compromising structural integrity, making it an excellent choice for projects demanding efficiency.

Fine-Tuned Precision: Each hollow is forged with intricate precision, ensuring uniform dimensions and mechanical excellence.

Enhanced Toughness: The forging process refines the material's grain structure, enhancing fatigue resistance and extending the hollow's operational life.

Tailored Designs: With its flexible design, we can create custom hollows, catering to specific size, shape, and application requirements. Exceptional Toughness: The AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve boasts remarkable toughness, allowing it to withstand extreme loads and challenging conditions.

Wear Resistance: Its composition and forging process contribute to outstanding wear resistance, prolonging its operational life and reducing maintenance needs.

Versatile Design: The sleeve's adaptable design suits a wide range of applications, from heavy machinery to hydraulic systems.

Corrosion Resilience: The inherent corrosion resistance of AISI 5140 steel ensures longevity even in harsh environments.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,LTD is a professional production of forging flanges, forgings rings, forged shaft, forged bar, customized forgings, etc. , products are widely used in mechanical equipment, new energy equipment, petrochemical pressure vessel equipment, aerospace and military special equipment and other fields.

Our company has strong technical strength and fully implements lean production management, It is equipped with a full set of production lines integrating forging processing, heat treatment, machining and performance testing.The material covers alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and superalloy and other difficult deformation materials.

Forging Line:



Elevated Performance: The 40Cr Forging Hollow significantly boosts overall performance, efficiency, and reliability in industrial processes.

Strategic Weight Reduction: Experience reduced equipment weight without compromising on strength, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced costs.

Durability Redefined: The hollow's robust construction ensures resilience in challenging environments, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Enhanced Performance: Elevate the overall efficiency and productivity of industrial processes, thanks to the sleeve's exceptional mechanical attributes.

Robust Reliability: The robust construction ensures reliable and safe operation, minimizing risks and unexpected failures.

Tailored Solutions: Custom dimensions and finishes are available to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring a precise fit for any application.

Testing Machine

Jetvision have a certified quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. This quality system encompasses every phase of our business. And we have kinds of testing machine to test our forging ring. That we offer top quality products.

40Cr is another type of low-alloy steel that is commonly used in various industrial applications. It contains approximately 0.40% carbon, giving it its name "40Cr." This steel is known for its good hardenability, high strength, and excellent mechanical properties, making it suitable for components subjected to heavy loads and stress.

A forging hollow made from 40Cr steel is a component produced through the forging process, but in this case, it has a hollow or tubular structure. Forging hollows are used in various applications where a combination of strength, toughness, and weight reduction is required. The forging process allows for precise control over the shape and internal structure, resulting in a product with consistent mechanical properties and improved performance compared to other manufacturing methods like casting.

Some key features and advantages of a 40Cr Forging Hollow include:

High Strength: The 40Cr steel's composition provides excellent strength, allowing the forging hollow to withstand heavy loads and stresses.

Weight Reduction: Compared to solid components, forging hollows offer weight reduction without compromising on strength, making them desirable in applications where weight is a critical factor.

Improved Fatigue Resistance: The forging process refines the grain structure, enhancing the component's fatigue resistance and extending its service life.

Customizable Design: Forging allows for a high degree of design flexibility, enabling the production of complex shapes and structures tailored to specific application requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness: Despite the additional processing steps involved in forging, the long-term benefits of enhanced durability and reduced maintenance costs make forging hollows a cost-effective solution.


Application Scenario:

The 40Cr Forging Hollow excels across various sectors:

Automotive Innovation: Elevate automotive parts such as axles and driveshafts, enhancing fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.

Aerospace Prowess: Craft aircraft components and structural parts that require a perfect harmony between strength and weight.

Oil & Gas Excellence: Equip drilling and production equipment with a component that thrives in demanding oil and gas environments.

Industrial Mastery: Elevate the durability and efficiency of industrial machinery, including gearboxes and crankshafts.

Heavy Machinery: Excel in heavy-duty equipment such as mining machinery and construction equipment, where strength and durability are paramount.

Hydraulic Systems: Optimize hydraulic cylinders and systems with the sleeve's precise fit and robust construction, ensuring efficient force transmission.

Industrial Applications: From manufacturing machinery to agricultural equipment, the sleeve's versatility enhances performance across industries.

After-sales Service:

We're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and success. Our support team stands ready to provide assistance with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Count on us for timely responses to your inquiries and a seamless experience throughout the product's lifecycle.


Q1: Can the 40Cr Forging Hollow withstand extreme temperatures?

A1: While it performs well at elevated temperatures, consider alternative materials for extremely high-temperature applications.

Q2: Is this hollow suitable for corrosive environments?

A2: While it offers inherent corrosion resistance, specific corrosive environments may benefit from additional protective measures.

Q3: What industries benefit most from the 40Cr Forging Hollow?

A3: Automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and industrial sectors can harness the power of this hollow's strength-to-weight advantage.

Q4: How do I ensure the long-term performance of the hollow?

A4: Regular maintenance, as per our guidelines, is essential for maximizing the hollow's longevity and efficiency.

Q5: Can the AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve handle high-pressure applications?

A5: Absolutely, the sleeve's robust construction and exceptional mechanical properties make it well-suited for high-pressure scenarios.

Q6: Is this sleeve suitable for extreme temperature variations?

A6: The AISI 5140 steel offers good performance in varying temperatures, making the sleeve versatile for many applications.

Q7: What industries can benefit from the AISI 5140 Forged Cylinder Sleeve?

A7: Industries including construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing can leverage the sleeve's durability and strength.

Q8: How do I ensure the proper maintenance of the sleeve?

A8: Follow our maintenance guidelines to ensure optimal performance. Regular inspections and proper care will extend the sleeve's lifespan.

Other Forgings are Available

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.Ltd is a professional supplier&manufacturer which offer kinds of alloy and stainless steel forging, such as forging ring, shaft forging, forged cylinder, forged discs, forged hollow, forging block, forged round bar, etc, with top quality and low factory price.


Material are avalible

Stainless Steel: ASTM A182、F304/304L、 F316/316L、 F316H、F310、 F321、JB4728-2000 、OCR18Ni10Ti、JB4728-2000、OCR17NI12Mo2、2205、2507、2103、904L、254SMD、304LN、316LN、1CR13、2cr13、3cr13、4cr13、321、302、W1813N、W2014N、W2018N、W2020N、P550、Cr18Mn18N、06Cr19Ni10(S30408)、022Cr19Ni10(S30403)、06Cr17Ni12Mo2(S31608)、022Cr17Ni12Mo2(S31603)、06Cr25Ni20(S31008)、06Cr18Ni11Ti(S32168)、022Cr19Ni13Mo(S31703)、0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb、06Cr19Ni10N、14Cr17Ni2、13Cr13Mo、06Cr13, etc stainless steel forgings.

Alloy Steel: 40Cr、15CrMo、20CrMo、25CrMo、30CrMo、35CrMo、35CrMoV、42CrMo、20Cr2Ni4、20CrNiMo、40CrNiMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、35CrMoV、12Cr1MoV、38CrMoAl、18Cr2Nio4W、40CrNi2Mo、30CrMnSi、25Cr2MoV、17Cr2Ni2Mo、20MnMo、20MnMoNb、34CrNi3Mo、20CrMnTi、40CrMnMo、30Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrMo1、20CrMnMo、24CrMoV、30Cr2MoV、34CrNi1Mo、17Cr2Ni2Mo、34CrNi3MoV、20CrMnTi、A182F1、F5、F9、F11、F22、12Cr2Mo1、10Cr9Mo1VNbN(F91)、10Cr9MoW2VNbBN(F92)、12CrMoV、4140、4340、4330、4130、4150、9CR2MO、17NiCrMo6-4、18CrNiMo7-6、30CrNiMo8、34CRNIMO、34CrNiMo6、36CrNiMo4、34CrNi3Mo、40CRNIMO、40CrNiMoA、50CrMo4、Q345D、300M、17-4PH、PH13-8Mo、15-5PH、AerMet100, etc alloy steel forgings.