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42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder
42CrMo Forged Cylinder

42CrMo Forged Cylinder

Product Name: 42CrMo Forged cylinder,S31803 forging hollow,F51 hollow forging,AISI 4140 forged hollow supplier

Outside Diameter: max.1300 mm

Inside Diameter: min.200 mm

Height: max.900 mm

Weight: max.5 tons

Material: F22, F65, 4130, 4140, 4145, 4340, 8630; F51, 17-4PH, F55, F53, 904L, F44; monel 400, hastelloy C22, hastelloy c276, hastelloy x, inconel 625, inconel 718, inconel 600, inconel 601, incoloy 800, incoloy 825, incoloy 925, incoloy 926, etc....

Outside Diametermax.1300 mm
Inside Diametermin.200 mm
Heightmax.900 mm
Weight5 tons



42CrMo Forged Cylinder - A Durable and Versatile Industrial Component

The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder is a high-quality industrial component crafted from premium-grade 42CrMo low-alloy steel. This cylinder undergoes a precise and intricate forging process, which imparts exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, excellent wear resistance, and superior hardness. Its unique composition, featuring elements like chromium and molybdenum, makes it a reliable and durable solution for various industrial applications.


High Strength: The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder exhibits remarkable strength, enabling it to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions with ease.

Wear Resistance: Thanks to its alloying elements, this cylinder offers exceptional wear resistance, prolonging its operational life and reducing maintenance requirements.

Versatility: Its robust design and reliable mechanical properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

Precision Forging: Each cylinder is meticulously forged, ensuring consistent dimensions and mechanical performance for enhanced functionality.

Corrosion Resistance: The cylinder's composition provides inherent resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Cost-Effective: With its extended service life and low maintenance needs, the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder offers a cost-effective solution for industrial operations.



Enhanced Performance: The cylinder's high tensile strength and wear resistance contribute to improved overall performance, efficiency, and productivity in industrial processes.

Safety Assurance: Its durable construction and reliable mechanical properties ensure a safe and reliable operation, preventing unexpected failures and potential hazards.

Customization Options: We offer tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements, including custom dimensions and surface finishes.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,LTD is a professional production of forging flanges, forgings rings, forged shaft, forged bar, customized forgings, etc. , products are widely used in mechanical equipment, new energy equipment, petrochemical pressure vessel equipment, aerospace and military special equipment and other fields.

Our company has strong technical strength and fully implements lean production management, It is equipped with a full set of production lines integrating forging processing, heat treatment, machining and performance testing.The material covers alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and superalloy and other difficult deformation materials.

Forging Line:



Nickel Forging Alloys:

Monel 400 (UNS N04400/W.Nr.2.4360); Monel R405 (UNS N04405), Monel K500(UNS N05500)

Inconel 718 (UNS N07718/W.Nr.2.4668); Inconel X-750 (UNS N07750/W.Nr.2.4669); Inconel 690 (UNS N06690/W.Nr.2.4642); Inconel 625 (UNS N06625/W.Nr.2.4856); Inconel 600 (UNS N06600/W.Nr.2.4816); Inconel 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr.2.4851);

Hastelloy B (UNS N10001); Hastelloy C-276 (UNS N10276/W.Nr.2.4819); Hastelloy C (NS333); Hastelloy C-22 (UNS N06022/W.Nr.2.4602)

Incoloy 926 (UNS N08926/W.Nr.1.4529); Incoloy 800HT (UNS N08811/W.Nr.1.4959); Incoloy 825 (UNS N08825/W.Nr.2.4858); GH4169(Inconel 718)

Stainless Steel Forging Alloys:

F51(UNS S31803 W.Nr1.4462); 17-4PH(UNS S17400 SUS630 W.Nr1.4542); F55(UNS 32760 W.Nr1.4501); F53(UNS 32750 W.Nr1.4410 2205); 904L(UNS N08904 W.Nr1.4539); F44(UNS S31254 254SMo W.Nr1.4547)

Carbon Alloy Special Steels:

F22, F65, 4130(UNS G41300, 30CrMo), 4140(UNS G41400, 42CrMo, 42CrMo4) , 4145(UNS G41500, 50CrMo4, 1.7228), 4340(UNS G43400, 36CrNiMo4, 40NCD3, 40CrNi2MoA), 8630(UNS G86300)

Material Properties:

The 42CrMo low-alloy steel used in the cylinder's construction offers several advantageous properties:

Tensile Strength: Typically ranging from 980 MPa to 1180 MPa, providing the cylinder with impressive resistance to deformation under tension.

Yield Strength: Usually between 785 MPa to 930 MPa, ensuring the cylinder can withstand significant loads without permanent deformation.

Hardness: Typically reaching 229-269 HB (Brinell hardness), making it highly resistant to wear and abrasion.

Impact Toughness: This material exhibits good toughness, enabling it to absorb energy during sudden impact or shock loads.

Manufacturing Process:

The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder undergoes a carefully controlled forging process. It begins with the selection of high-quality 42CrMo steel, which is then heated to an appropriate temperature for forging. The heated steel is shaped using compressive forces to form the desired cylindrical shape. After forging, the cylinder is subject to heat treatment, which involves processes like quenching and tempering to further enhance its mechanical properties. This meticulous manufacturing process ensures uniformity, strength, and durability of the finished product.


Quality Assurance:

To guarantee the highest level of quality, the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder undergoes rigorous inspections and testing at various stages of production. This includes non-destructive testing (NDT) methods like ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle inspection to identify any potential defects or imperfections. Stringent quality control measures ensure that each cylinder meets or exceeds industry standards and customer specifications.

Certifications and Standards:

The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder complies with relevant international standards, such as ISO 9001:2015, which certifies the quality management system, ensuring consistency and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, the cylinder may adhere to industry-specific certifications and requirements as needed.

Testing Machine

Jetvision have a certified quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. This quality system encompasses every phase of our business. And we have kinds of testing machine to test our forging ring. That we offer top quality products.


Application Scenario:

The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder finds application in various industries, such as:

Heavy Machinery: Used in heavy-duty equipment, including cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, to endure extreme loads and demanding conditions.

Hydraulic Systems: Integral to hydraulic presses and cylinders, providing reliable and efficient force transmission.

Pressure Vessels: Utilized in the fabrication of pressure vessels for chemical processing, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, ensuring safe containment of materials.

Industrial Tools: Incorporated into industrial machinery and tools, including rolling mills and forging machines, enhancing their durability and performance.

Environmental Considerations:

The manufacturing process of the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder adheres to environmentally responsible practices, minimizing waste and optimizing energy consumption. The use of recyclable materials further reflects our commitment to sustainable production.

Research and Development:

Our company continually invests in research and development to enhance the performance and applicability of the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder. We collaborate with industry experts and customers to identify evolving needs and technological advancements, allowing us to stay at the forefront of innovation in the field.

After-sales service:

At our company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer comprehensive after-sales support. Our team of experts is available to assist with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We provide timely responses to customer inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the product's lifespan.


Q1. Can the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder be customized to fit specific dimensions?

A1. Yes, we offer customization options to meet individual requirements for dimensions, shapes, and surface finishes.

Q2. How does the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder compare to cast cylinders in terms of durability?

A2. The forging process imparts superior strength and mechanical properties, making the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder more durable and reliable than cast cylinders.

Q3. What industries can benefit from using the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder?

A3. Industries such as heavy machinery, hydraulic systems, pressure vessel manufacturing, and various industrial tools can benefit from its exceptional properties.

Q4. How do I ensure proper maintenance of the cylinder?

A4. Our team will provide maintenance guidelines to ensure optimal performance. Regular inspections and adherence to maintenance procedures will extend the cylinder's lifespan.

Q5. What are the advantages of using a 42CrMo Forged Cylinder over cylinders made from other materials?

A5. The 42CrMo Forged Cylinder offers several advantages over other materials, such as:

Higher strength and toughness, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Better wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance.

Improved fatigue resistance, which is crucial for components subjected to cyclic loading.

Cost-effectiveness due to its extended service life and reduced downtime.

Q6. Can the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder be used in high-temperature applications?

A6. Yes, 42CrMo steel can handle elevated temperatures, but it has its limitations. For applications requiring even higher temperature resistance, other specialized alloys may be more suitable.

Q7. Is the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder suitable for high-pressure applications like hydraulic systems?

A7. Yes, the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder is commonly used in high-pressure hydraulic systems, as it exhibits excellent strength and durability under such conditions.

Q8. What type of surface finish is available for the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder?

A8. The cylinder can be provided with various surface finishes, including smooth, precision-ground, or chrome-plated, depending on the specific application requirements.

Q9. Can you provide information about the load-bearing capacity of the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder?

A9. The load-bearing capacity of the cylinder depends on its dimensions, design, and specific application. Our engineering team can help calculate the load capacity based on your requirements.

Q10. Does the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder require any special maintenance?

A10. While the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder is highly durable, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines will help prolong the cylinder's life.

Q11. Is the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder resistant to chemical corrosion?

A11. While 42CrMo steel offers some inherent corrosion resistance, it may not be suitable for highly corrosive environments. In such cases, additional surface coatings or alternative materials may be necessary.

Q12. Are there any size limitations for the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder?

A12. The size limitations depend on the forging capabilities of the manufacturer. The cylinder can be customized to meet specific size requirements within the constraints of the forging process.

Experience the strength and resilience of the 42CrMo Forged Cylinder - a dependable industrial solution for your diverse needs. Contact us today to discuss how this exceptional product can enhance your operations.

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Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.Ltd is a professional supplier&manufacturer which offer kinds of alloy and stainless steel forging, such as forging ring, shaft forging, forged cylinder, forged discs, forged hollow, forging block, forged round bar, etc, with top quality and low factory price.


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