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Thailand Flanges Order is Arrived Successfully

Time : 2022-10-18

In the end of May, we had the honor to receive an inquiry for the flange from Thailand. Throughout the inquiry process, Jetvision has always kept good contact with the customer. On the one hand, we have continued to research and discuss with the customer and continue to optimize technical solutions; On the other hand, we always update the price for the customer, so that the customer can grasp the domestic market situation at the first time. During this period, our company also assisted the customer to participate in the bidding activities organized by the Thailand Canal Authority, and finally, through various efforts, Jetvision successfully won the project.

The special feature of this order is that the tight delivery schedule and the heavy workload, with the customer requiring production and delivery within 20 days.

Coincidentally, the factory have many orders, the factory production scheduling difficulties, and and the epidemic situation always appears uninterruptedly, which increases the uncertainty of thefinal delivery date. In response to this problem, first of all, our company signed an expedited production task with the paint factory. Second, we communicated the progress to the paint factory every day to ensure that we have first-hand information and can adjust other relevant progress according to the specific situation. The effort paid off, and finally completed the production all products within the delivery period, sailed smoothly inend of September to the destination port.

What’s more, the customer received our goods, and is satisfied with our products quality and service.

Project location: Thailand

Product: Flanges

Standard and material: Carbon steel and stainless steel

Specifications: According to customer’s request

Application: Connecting the two ends of the pipe

Inquiry time:2022.05.25

Order time:2022.09.10

Shipping time:2022.09.30

Arrival time:2022.10.17


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