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Singapore Forging Flange order is Shipped Successfully

Time : 2024-06-11

Jetvision has been cooperating with this client for 5 years and is a loyal regular customer. For Jetvision, it is also a very important regular friend. Over the years of cooperation, both parties have successfully completed all projects based on the principles of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. We look forward to further business cooperation in the future and continuing this friendship going to the end.

The contract signed this time is for the procurement of forged flange, which will be used for the construction of ports. Jetvision has continuously supplied multiple orders for this project.

Project location: Singapore

Product: Large forged flange

Standard and material: Stainless steel and duplex stainless steel

Specifications: According to customer's request and drawing

ApplicationTerminal construction

Inquiry time2024.03.23

Order time2024.05.06

Shipping time2024.06.09

Estimated arrival time2024.06.28

large forging flange

Jetvision has mobilized excellent technical personnel from the production department to invest in the production of this batch of goods, and with years of accumulated maritime resources, we are striving to book the most suitable shipping space for customers. The entire batch of goods was successfully shipped andIt is expected to be put into construction in early July 2024.

Thanks for the customer's trust and support. Jetvision will never forget his original aspiration and forge ahead.

large forged flange

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