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Philippines Hastelloy C276 Flanges are Shipped Successfully

Time : 2022-04-18

Flanges are used for the connection between pipe ends; they are also used as flanges on the inlet and outlet of equipment for the connection between two equipment. There are holes on the flange,a gasket is added between the two flanges,then fastened with bolts. Flange is divided into threaded connection (thread connection) flange, welding flange and lap joint flange.

The client is a medium-sized builder in the Philippines, specializing in contracting all kinds of construction and pipeline services. He ordered a batch of hastelloy c276 flanges this time. The difficulties of the order is the customer is not very familiar with the product,customer only sent the specifications of the flange, cannot provide other data such as outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness, number of holes, center distance and hole diameter accurately. Jetvision collected all the data and analyze on it , finally provide detailed data and make design drawings for customer confirmation.The customers gave a very high evaluation of Jetvision's professional and attentive service attitude. Finally, after 10 days of production operation, We successfully completed all product tasks and shipped successfully!


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