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Opening a New and Lasting Chapter in South Africa Forged Flange Order

Time : 2024-02-01

This project is the second collaboration between Jetvision and this client, originating from a previously successful forging flange order. The overall service has left a deep impression on the client, and has also been recognized and affirmed by the client in terms of delivery time and quality. So this customer decisively signed this order forged flange with us, opening the way for continued cooperation with Jetvision.

South Africa Forged Welded Neck Flange Forging Flange Order

Project locationSouth Africa

Product: Forged flange, forging flange, welded neck flange, forged welded neck flange

Standard and material316L

Specifications: According to customer's request and drawing

Usage: To connecting pipes and valves for industrial field

Inquiry time2023.11.13

Order time2023.12.16

Shipping time2024.01.20

Estimated arrival time2024.01.30

forging flange supplier

The required products for this time are stillforged flange welded neck forging flange, mainly used for industrial field to connect the pipe and valves. 316L stainless steel material is used as the production raw material, which has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance, ensuring the service life of the pipeline. Jetvision also organizes a professional production team to conduct comprehensive follow up on the products, ensuring that each forging flange meets customer requirements and international standards, and synchronously coordinates transportation, warehousing, and other links to ensure timely delivery.

At present, the order product has been successfully put into use, and Jetvision has received a new inquiry from this customer. In the future, Jetvision will do its best to continue to support the customer's development with professional technology, high quality products, and thoughtful service, and jointly create a better tomorrow.

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