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Mexico Forging Cylinder Order is Shipped Successfully

Time : 2023-09-20

Jetvision successfully participated in the nuclear power projectin Mexicothis year, once again proved its strength with its professionalism and abilit.

As an important energy infrastructure project, the nuclear power project has attracted the attention of all parties. The Mexican customer ordered a batch of forged cylinders.

Mexico Hollow Forging Cylinder Order Details:

Project location: Mexico

Product: Hollow forging cylinder

Standard and material: AISI 4140, AISI 4340, AISI 4130

Specifications: According to customer’s request and drawing

Application: For nuclear power project

Inquiry time:2023.03.13

Order time:2023.08.12

Shipping time:2023.09.20

Estimated arrival time:2023.10.29


The cylinder forgings are mainly used in a nuclear power project, the product strength, density, heat and corrosion resistance and other requirements are very high, and due to the huge volume, how to solve the molding process of the overall temperature difference is large, the terminal temperature is too low and the stress-strain distribution is not uniform and other problems, to maintain uniformity before and after the organization of the cylinder forgings, the same performance, wall thickness uniformity, the project is a pre-project planning of the technical difficulties.

At the early stage of program design, our technicians fully consider the customer requirements and end-use scenarios, analyze the stress field, strain field, temperature field and other key parameters affecting the organization and hot and cold machining performance of the product during the forming process, and through several close calculations and discussions, finally determine the "open billet - two-phase forging - upsetting cake - punching - reaming - mandrel drawing - flat" and "end face - inner hole rough turning - end face - end face". End face - rough turning of bore - radial molding - heat treatment - physical and chemical testing" of the overall process plan.

During the production process, Jetvision strictly follows the overall process plan and GJB 943A-2018 quality standards, and carries out production tasks with international leading equipments, such as 4000T fast forging machine and 2000T radial forging machine, and conducts comprehensive quality tests on the products to ensure that the material composition, physical properties and other aspects are in line with the standard requirements. Finally, after the strict evaluation of the third party testing, all the products passed the inspection 100%. At present, the whole batch of forging cylinders has been successfully shipped.


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