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Fully Support the Mexican Forging Ring Emergency Request

Time : 2023-08-10

In December 2019, Jetvision met this customer for the first time. With the help of other local cooperative customers, the customer learned about our company and made an initial inquiry. After more than a month of business communication, negotiation, product introduction, and project presentation, the two parties successfully signed a cooperation agreement.

After receiving the goods for the first time, the quality has been highly praised by end customers, and from the perspective of customer experience, we also believe thatJetvision has a very professional quality and a high level of professional technology in the overall service process. Therefore, Jetvision should be listed as a high quality supplier. After that, several orders were placed successively and were very successful. Since then, the two sides have embarked on a journey of cooperation.

The product purchased this time is a batch of alloy steel forging ring used for local petrochemical engineering project.Ring forging is one of Jetvision's star products, and there have been many successful sales cases in various countries worldwide. The production technology is already very mature, but the difficulty this time is the tight delivery time.


Mexico AISI 4140 Forged Ring AISI 4130 Ring Forging AISI 4340 Alloy Steel Forging Ring Order Details:

Project location: Mexico

Product: Forging ring, forged ring, ring forging

Standard and material: AISI 4140, AISI 4130, AISI 4340

Specifications: According to customer’s request and drawing

Usage: Petrochemical engineering project

Inquiry time:2023.04

Order time:2023.07

Shipping time:2023.08

Estimated arrival time:2023.09

Jetvision has always adhered to the principle of responding to customers' needs and helping them meet their needs. We have urgently mobilized all departments to work together to ensure the rapid operation of all processes. We have also carried out the simultaneous inspection, coordinated the standby of logistics vehicles, and scheduled shipping; Finally, with close collaboration, We successfully completed all production tasks and delivered the goods a week earlier than the original schedule.

This is the speed and strength of Jetvision With the spirit of us, everyone has gathered together and worked hard to achieve today's outstanding achievements. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our original aspiration, never forget our mission, and spur forward to compose a new chapter.


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