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Australia Alloy Forged Shaft are Shipped Successfully

Time : 2022-06-22

On 25th May, The Australian customer order a batch of 42CrMo forging shaft. The products are shipped to Australia successfully.

Order location: Australia

Product: Alloy forged shaft forging

Standard and material: 42CrMo

Specifications: According to customer’s requirement

Usage: For making machines, such as generators, etc

Inquiry time: 2021.10.18

Order time: 2022.4.25

Shipping time: 2022.05.30

Arrival time: 2022.06.30

The length of the ordered products is different, the customer requires that the specific length should be packed together. Combined with the quantity and size of all products, Jetvision document Department has carefully made the packing details, which is a detailed work, only by carefully making each packing plan, the goods will become very convenient when unloading and shipping at the port of destination, which can improve the timeliness of customers' operation at the port of destination. At the same time, thanks to the professionalism of the freight forwarding team, the complex container loading has become easy and simple. Finally, all goods are packed perfectly according to the plan. When the order was shipped, the business specialist sent the packing details and packing photos to the customer, which was highly praised and praised by the customer.

Customers choose us because of trust us.

Customers trust us because of our professional.


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