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Company Information

Company Information

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,LTD is a professional production of forging flanges, forgings rings, forged shaft, forged bar, customized forgings, etc.

As the leading manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in alloy products, we have a professional service team to provide high standard of technical support, timely and qualified delivery, customs clearance assistance, and reliable after-sales services, etc. Meanwhile, To enhance quality control, We has approved by quality system ISO 9001. We focus on alloy and stainless steel material, such as hastelloy, monel, incoloy, inconel, nimonic, cooper alloy, other, alloy, stainless steel, etc. Main products including tube, sheet, bars, wires, forgings, flanges, pipe fittings, etc.

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We mainly provide various types of forgings in different materials, including forged bars, forged rings, forged blocks, forged shafts, forged cylinders, forged discs, and forged flanges.

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